Tax Starz of Tampa Bay

Taxes made easy

Taxes made easy


Get up to $6,000 of your refund money right now instead of waiting for the IRS. That's a 33% bigger advance than you'll get anywhere else! There are no huge fees, there's no hard credit check, there are no temporary debit cards, and there are no surprises. You can receive your money fast with a direct deposit to an existing bank account, or you can open a new Green Dot Go2Bank account with us. Apply for your refund loan at the office from January 3rd through February 28th!

Why Tax Starz?

We offer an unbeatable combination of expertise, low cost service, online & in person tax filing options, year round assistance, and peace of mind. Our clients receive benefits that you won't find anywhere else, such as free amendments fo life, free access to their tax returns & original documents for life, free tax return coverage against unexpected tax liability, and more. At Tax Starz of Tampa Bay, tax prep is just the beginning!

Did you know?

Small businesses is our business! In addition to tax preparation, we also do sales tax, business setup, payroll, and bookkeeping through the year. When it comes to cost, let's just say the competition would be furious if they knew how low our rates are on this stuff. Whether you're an LLC, s-corporation, partnership, non-profit, or any other type of company you can't go wrong with Tax Starz!


What if we told you that some things don't cost anything at Tax Starz? It's our way of both making things easier & saving you money. Starting with 2021 we're offering free file & distribution of 1099 forms for all of our bookkeeping and tax prep clients! If you didn't get a stimulus check and that's your only reason for filing, then you can file for free with Tax Starz. It's also free to have Tax Starz act as the registered agent for your small business, and notary public services are free of charge for everyone out there too.